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"The “In” trend today is Hair Extensions – Take our course and you can offer the “Hollywood” look at your local hairdresser. You can transform ladies from “the girl next door” to a "drop dead gorgeous celebrity”!. "Blackberries
30 years experience has allowed Evadney to adapt and present the Micro Link Technique – in a safe durable way, damage free to client’s hair. She has Designed and Packaged her very own – “Dream Hair Extension System“, with a set of instructions that uses individual strands of hair which is attached to the client’s own hair by a Micro Link without any damage at all. Evadney’s technique eliminates: breakage, extensions falling out and other problems which are being experienced by other micro link users.

When re-doing the micro links, the strands of hair we use a strong enough keratin which allows you to re-use the same hair time and time again. 30 years experience has given her the cutting edge with regards to the pros and cons in the hair extension industry.

For your choice we also teach the Weft method – safe no chemicals no hair damage. Ask us about our new Micro Weft Technique.
"Why we do not use the Tape method? Tapes can be very sticky and messy and can cause clients hair to stick and dread together. We would only consider it for an overnight make over." Blackberries
What is Remi/Remy hair?
Indian Remi hair is sourced from India, and is gladly provided by the faithful who donate it as part of faith and religious practices. The hair is cut from the head and kept intact not collected from brushes or off the ground. This means that the cuticles all run in the same direction. In order to maintain the natural state of the hair colouring is done with minimal processing. All of these factors eliminate tangling and frizz, and ensures long lasting and healthy hair extensions.
What is Keratin?

Why don’t we use it? Keratin is an essential protein found in the makeup of our hair. It is very strong and difficult to dissolve. We use a similar keratin bond to secure the I-tip extensions strands. The strength of the keratin bond keeps the I-Tips in tact. Most clients do re-use the hair extensions for a longer period of time, when instructions are followed correctly.

Please note that we would never use this strong bond to attach the extensions directly to the strands of a clients hair. Why?

Keratin is also the least likely bonding substance to break down over time, so it is not wise to bond it to the clients hair. Those that use the bonded extensions technique may say: “Keratin tipped hair extensions are the most natural bonded extension method, as our hair is made from the same substance."

"This means that by using this method of hair extension, there is zero damage to your own hair."Bullshit!!!
From experience we can say that the application technique and the practitioner plays a big part in the results of good or bad extensions.

The great majority of cases observed have ended up with tiny bald spots where the extensions have been pulled out from the roots. Choose wisely.Talk to someone who has had extensions, or who knows about extensions. Talk to us!!!
We offer a personalised service and work together with you, allowing you to participate in your transformation.

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