Hi, my name is Evadney Wootton, FOUNDER of “Blackberries-supreme eminence of beauty”. Our goal has been to design and produce our own brand of unique hair extension kits and products… and to introduce our original ’no nonsense’ patented tool for applying hair extensions creating a longer lasting and more efficient finish and look for our customers.

We are also a wholesale company – sourcing and distributing the best quality hair from all around the world, to salons who want to use … superior quality Russian Brazilian European and Indian hair. The kits contain all the tools required to do the job. We also include instruction and product guides to give the extensions longevity and good looks. What’s important to our salon clients is that we not only offer them a great selling, profitable product, but also the services of our extensive training in the niche areas of our expertise, namely hair extensions, hair braiding, dreadlocks., handling and caring for African and all other types of curly hair.


It all started for me in a little village called Cambridge Hill in St Thomas District, Jamaica, West Indies…

I left Jamaica when I was 11 years old, to join my parents who  were living in London. As you might imagine the transformation  for me it was truely horrific, going from a tiny island to a freezing, massively over crowded city, where the houses all had chimneys. It all looked very daunting.

I arrived in Melbourne in 1978 and it wasn’t long before a significant turn of events led me to give up my career as a dental therapist and move towards the hairdressing industry.

You see without exaggeration, it was just plain impossible for me to walk into a salon and get my hair cut or styled… the hairdressers had absolutely no idea how to handle frizzy curly hair. From experience most still do not have a clue.


This is when I jumped because I saw this as an opportunity to make a difference.

So I went to the UK to study hairdressing then returned to Western Australia and started working from home as I was a single parent with a very small child to care for.

Later I moved to a small stall in the Station Street markets in Subiaco, where I worked on the week ends. After that I moved to a room, which I rented in one of those very old buildings in Hay Street, Perth.

By then I had attracted quite a large clientele from being in the markets, and business began to grow.

At this point I thought it would be best for me to do the right thing so I decided to register with the Hairdressers Registration Board (HRB) However, when I first approached the HRB regarding the opening up of a salon which only dealt with, hair extensions hair braiding and dreadlocks, I was told verbally, over the phone “That’s nothing to do with hairdressing”. How ignorant I thought. Yet it suited me. So I opened my first Shop in Hay St where I worked for 5 years.

I noticed a few salons started to offer the monofibre hair extensions as used by the famous salon in London called ‘Antennas’ . It was about this time that I was approached by the HRB asking me to state the nature of my work.

Of course I responded. I later received a letter from them stating that anything to do with touching hair in this part of the hemisphere is regarded as hairdressing, and one needed to have a certificate and be registered with the board in order to work as a hairdresser

I made an appointment with the then registrar, who gave me a Copy of the act, and the related clause. Needless to say my Certificates were not acknowledged or recognized.

Hence I was made to close my salon, and had to go on the dole as I lost my only form of income but I decided not to give up and knocked on many salon doors until I found someone who was willing to employ a mature age apprentice.

During this time I worked extremely hard to bring money into the salon to cover my wages, so little time was left to be trained on the job. All my training had to be done at TAFE which I attended one day a week for the first year then one day a fortnight for the second year. During this time I was not taught any of my niche skills.

After completing my 4 years apprenticeship I was awarded apprentice of the year…

I left and opened another salon in the Cinecentre Arcade. Perth city. It was very successful. I had more customers than I could handle although I had absolutely no idea how to market a business or where to get the help I needed. At this time I decided to train 2 juniors who had some of the skills that I needed for my salon. I was over whelmed with the amount of work that I was getting, and had not enough qualified staff.


It was then I decided to move to a not so busy location where I trained more staff members who eventually left to open their own salons. I decided that I should have a break. After 10 years I found myself working from home once again. I did that for one year, and then I had to find a bigger place. So I decided to move to Bassendean. The business has grown and is still growing exponentially. Today “Blackberries” is located in The Fremantle Fibonacci Community Centre in Fremantle.

Wow, what a journey it has been, but I have a Certificate IV in training and assessing.


At Blackberries” We train and distribute our products to all hairdressers and aprentices in the hair dressing industry, all can be trained at our school of hair design and acquire new skills… hence allowing them to keep up with the latest market trends in hair fashion. Whilst we are able to do any type of hair, “Blackberries” caters mainly for people with curly hair, or for those who are looking to have a different kind of hairstyle such as hair extensions, and hair braiding (a traditional African hairstyle which Olivia Newton John made popular in the west during the 80’s) and now enjoyed by Beyonce, Shakira and other current music industry stars.

I had the market cornered, as no one else was delivering that kind of service back when I started and after 30 years, I still have the market cornered today. For those in the industry who want a true win/win product you need to know this is a very profitable market as hair extensions are currently very popular. A Current Affair recently aired a program on the damage being caused by extensions done by poorly trained staff. It is my desire (as it should be yours) to stay well ahead of current market trends. With the current inflock of people from the Middle East and the African Continent there is also a massive increase in demand for curly hair core knowledge.

In order to help you I have developed a set of training materials, which are especially designed to give you skills that you can use immediately and start making money from day one!

We offer a personalised service and work together with you, allowing you to participate in your transformation.

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