Blackberries Dream Hair Dreadlock’s Services

"Dreadlocks are a unique traditional Jamaican hairstyle. We @ Blackberries , are The People To See For Your Dreadlocks Needs!!"

 Our Dreadlocks Services:

At our boutique hair studio we do everything from fixing existing dreads to creating dread & extensions from scratch.

Due to the high demand for Dreadlocks products in Australia and around the globe, we are able to distribute our products to your door. We are very excited and know that the future of the industry is bright – It has become so much more affordable and accessible to get dreadlocks these days, which is a reason to celebrate !!!

People are also becoming more knowledgeable about this unique hairstyle & thus a lot less prejudice.

Evadney, Vads as the clients calls her, is Jamaican and has a traditional “secret family recipe” for dreadlocks Wax, which you can now buy. This product Is nothing like the sticky waxes that are available on the market. We avoid the use of sticky waxes & glues.

Dreadlocks Services:

  • Creating Dreadlocks from scratch

  • Tidying up / redoing dreadlocks

  • Coloring dreadlocks

  • Dreadlocks extensions

  • Styling dreadlocks for special occasions

  • Coloured wraps for dreadlocks

  • Crochet  & interlocking

"Complimentary Service for newly created dreads:Free tidy up during the first months. Conditions Apply: by appointment only. You can come as often as you need to for a maximum of 10 minutes each time."
The roots of the dreads need to be tighten after 2-3 months based on how fast your hair grows.





Frequently Asked Questions about Dreadlocks:

How often can you wash dreadlocks?
Do i need to get the roots re-done?
Why do i need to wash, roll, separate & stretch my dreads
What happens if i get nits?
Can Spiders grow in dreads?


How do i style my dreads?
Are there different types of dreads?
Ask us and we will answer all the above questions for you

Dreaducation & Maintenance

Wash Roll Separate Stretch!!!!!

Wash:Once a week with Blackberries "Hard-On-Dreads" organic shampoo. Apply shampoo & firmly massaging the roots of your hair with finger tips. Make sure all shampoo is washed out. No conditioner.
Roll:Palm roll. Firmly roll dreads in the palm of your hands from roots to tips using a hair lacker or firm hold gel. The more the merrier as this encourages the dreads to Matt quicker.
Separate:Separate dreads by pulling them apart at the roots to stop them sticking together.
Stretch: Pull gently on roots to encourage dead hair to come away. Hold the roots while you stretch down the dreads, to avoid loops formation.

NB: Avoid all waxy base products.

Have your roots tightened every 2-3 month. Hair grows on average 1cm per month.
There are three stages of growth:
  1. It grows
  2. It rests
  3. It sheds (falls out)- this stage is important for natural dreadlocks formation
Please do not hesitate in contacting blackberries if you have any unanswered questions
We offer a personalised service and work together with you, allowing you to participate in your transformation.

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